We decided to categorize our jobs to make it easier for you to pick a style you are most concerned with.

The following categories offer a brief description of what is shown on those pages... select from above.

This section displays some of the additions, which includes a Saltbox Ell, a Colonial and a Post & Beam we
are currently working on for the Hinckley's.

These are probably the most common style home built today, apart from the custom homes. We have done
quite a few, all varying in their roof lines... from simple to complex.

Custom homes are a real treat for us and because we have our own SkyTrak, it makes difficult work an easy task. Heavy LVL's are simply assembled at ground level and boomed up or down to set in place.
See the Carrignan house as an example.

Custom homes usually involve many LVL's as ridge beams, girders, headers and hip rafters because of the
open floor plan which eliminates interior bearing walls. Often you'll see 'Open to Below' as an example.

We usually are too busy for decks, but we have done a few custom ones as seen here.

Most of our work in this area is done for Randy Esposito of CT Country Cabins in Woodstock. Randy is the
local rep for Harvest Homes / NY and we work with the manufacturer to prepare the site for assembly, assist
in setting the panels and then once assembled, we stick frame the roof or set the trusses.

These include Condominiums, Commercial buildings, Ranch homes, Reproductions and Gambrel styles.

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